The database associated with the Itinerary is dedicated to documenting instances of samples, field recordings and citations of film and television works in audio works. I created the database in July 2020 for research purposes and am regularly adding works to it with personal comments and observations. To find examples I draw on personal knowledge and databases such as Whosampled, Discogs and Wikipedia. The works included in the database altogether offer a basis for analyzing and understanding how the appropriation of film and television samples in audio works reflect different regimes of listening and interpretation. The database is agnostic insofar as it seeks to include all styles, genres and formats of audio works – from experimental radio art, hip hop and techno to popular music. The database is extensive but does not aspire nor pretend to be exhaustive.

NB As the spreadsheet of the database does not entirely fit the window below, make sure to scroll to the right to see details and comments on the film/television works sampled.

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